• Will you add support for multiple step gradients?

    Absolutely, we're working on it.

  • Will you add support for LESS?

    We're considering it, but no promise.

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    Drop us a message with the form to the right and just let us know. We deeply value each and every idea and suggestion!

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Current Version (1.1)

New / Refined

NEW SASS support added with dual output:

  • SCSS via custom mixin (in the Preferences)
  • Compass the common solution

Slight performance tweaking on the color picker

Version 1.0.1


Opera prefix for radial gradients has been added
Gradient now correctly lives in the menu bar only when that option is selected
Fixed a tiny bug causing Gradient to sometimes crash when used on dual-display setups
Fixed an issue with typeface display in the input pane

Version 1.0

New / Refined

NEW Icon
NEW Menu-bar Icon
NEW tutorial art at first launch (you can summon it again via Help menu)
NEW Hotkey map for super fast Gradient creation:

Customizable Modifier
  • ⌘ + 1 Custom Picker for Left Color
  • ⌘ + 2 Custom Picker for Right Color
  • ⌘ + ⌥ + 1 Standard Apple Picker for Left Color
  • ⌘ + ⌥ + 2 Standard Apple Picker for Right Color
Fixed Keys
  • ⌘ + ⇧ + C Copy CSS
  • ⌘ + R Invert color positions
  • ⌘ + T Toggle input pane

NEW Average color value in the Fallback dropdown.
NEW About section in the Preferences.
Overhaul of Preference window and layout.
Refined button shadows.
Custom hit status.
New input pane without glass (to encourage direct editing).
Focus on input pane text fields.
Colder Hue to match Focus ring.
Check for updates at startup (will send user to App Store when update is available).
You can now choose to view Gradient in Dock only, Menubar and Dock, Menubar only.
You can now dismiss the CSS code bubble with ESC key.
IE gradient now also has horizontal orientation.
Last used Gradient type and direction is saved through sessions.
Linear Gradient Top to Bottom is the first button to the left.


Selecting code from CSS window now doesn’t (visually) include line numbers.
Input field validation now has a consolidated behavior and max character value.
Menubar icon now correctly hides and shows Gradient window.
Application is now always on top at startup.
Alpha behavior fix.

Beta 3

New Stuff

New User Interface, thinner and smoother, with a much improved input panel.
HSL/HSLA input and output.
New Alpha workflow: Output mode now automatically changes to the “nearest” alpha output mode when selecting color with alpha lower than 100 (when output is set as HEX in the preferences you can select if you want to change it to RGBA or HSLA).
Alpha reset button in input pane.
Support for brand new Opera 12 Radial Gradients.
Hitting the Copy button now gives a little visual feedback to notify you the code is now in your clipboard.


Fallback color when alpha value is different from 100 is now commented (so that it doesn’t overwrite transparent colors).
Removed a weird animation in Preferences panel.
Linear gradient in Webkit mobile now outputs in the correct order.
CSS output for Opera is now fine tuned (removed radial support from version prior to 11).
Click on dock icon now makes Gradient window active and brings it to the front.
The “Open Input Pane” button now correctly displays the arrow pointing up when the drawer is open and down when closed.

Open Beta (2)

Syntax Highlight and line numbers for the CSS code preview.
CSS code preview bubble now moves according to the position of the main window (in case you wanted to keep it to the far right of the screen).
Added the possibility to use triplets for HEX values instead of the full six digit number and two other shortcuts:

  • F00 > FF0000
  • F0F > FF00FF
  • F > FFFFFF
  • F0 > FFF000

Gradient now remembers the last colors used when opened.
Gradient now remembers the last position on the screen.
ESC now works for dropping the color picker without the need of selecting a color.
The switch now works with a single click (iOS style).
Color windows and Result window (when in RGBA) now show a checkered texture behind transparent color.
CSS code preview now repositions itself correctly when switching between linear and radial mode.
The Custom Color Picker now works on secondary screens in dual screen setups.
Fallback and msfilter outputs now correctly default to HEX instead of changing to RGB/RGBA.
Removed “filter: progid:” in radial mode (you know, no radial for poor IE).
Dock icon behavior fixed. Now it always bring the main window back on top.
“Input bar” has been renamed “Input Pane” in the Preferences.